Monday, July 11, 2011

Oops! We Did It Again... We Made Another Game With Sketch Nation 2!

If you are a loyal visitor of our blog (if you are not you should be), then you probably know we are working very hard on releasing Sketch Nation 2. But before we give you the entire candy store, we want you to have a taste of the candy we have.

You already saw and hopefully played with Spooky Jump and Turkey Run, which were also created using the Sketch Nation 2 engine. Just to keep your sugar level balanced, we have just released a third candy flavor straight from the Sketch Nation 2 store, called Draakon.

Draakon is a real eye candy... no pun intended :)... You are a magical purple dragon flying between enchanted castles and eating princesses for fun... and points. Tap your finger to avoid enemies like a flying donkey, a phoenix, a rotating sword and many more. Just watch the video and immerse yourself in the game.

Draakon is now available on the app store for a mere $0.99!!! The game is fun to look at and fun to play and totally worth your dollar...

Stay tuned for Sketch Nation 2 that will be out in a few months and will let you create cool game like Draakon and even sell them on the app store. Don’t believe me? Wait and see.

Buy the Game Here


  1. Can you have animated sprites and can they shoot at you? Can your character be animanted?

    The Dragon game would be more believable if the
    characters actually flapped wings and moved their

  2. I can also envision the ability to have certain sections of the game where the world stops scrolling. A boss battle could then take place where you must dodge and shoot left and right. Your player sprite would need to be able to flip to be able to move the other direction.

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