Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sketch Nation 2 Ties for 2nd Place at the Israel Mobile Summit Startup Contest!

May 31st was a very exciting day for Engineous Games and Sketch Nation. Not only did we get to participate in an awesome contest but we also had our own exhibit table to show people how amazing Sketch Nation 2 is going to be. We got raving reviews for Sketch Nation 2 from all the people that experienced it hands on. The contest went well, and as the title suggests, we got the honorable 2nd place. You can check out Nitzan, CEO and founder of Engineous Games' presentation in the video link.

For those who did not get a chance to read about Sketch Nation 2, here is a recap of what it is all about. Sketch Nation 2 is a game creator that allows anyone to create a game using their drawings. Before I go on about Sketch Nation 2, for those of you who are first time visitors of our blog, let me reminisce about the first Sketch Nation app.

The first Sketch Nation app is called Sketch Nation Shooter and it was released in April 2010. It lets users create vertical and horizontal shooters by taking a picture of their drawing and playing around with the game parameters. It was a huge success. We have more 700,000 (!!!) users and more than 8,500 games submitted that you can download for free.

Now back to Sketch Nation 2 (I get easily distracted). SN2 will have all these awesome new features; It will have in-app drawing (in case you want to save the planet and don't want to draw on paper) and it will let users create games in multiple game genres, we plan on having 5 different genres at launch. Wait, there is more…

All the social features that Sketch Nation Shooter has will also be in SN2, meaning you can upload your games and download other users' games, check out the news feed for popular games plus a new social feature we added just because we like our users so much, that will allow you to share your art, buy other users' art (for virtual currency) and see the games that people created using your art!

But the BEST part about Sketch Nation 2 is by far the option to sell your games on the app store as stand alone apps! If you make an awesome game and want to sell it, we will publish and market it for you and all that for a fair profit share. So if everyone tells you that you are talented, now you can make some money from your talent, regardless of your age. I told you we like our users.


  1. Hello I love sketch nation and would love to beta test sketch nation 2 please.

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  3. The day of May 31st brought some promising results for Engineous Games and Sketch Nation. Sketch Nation 2 has become a very excellent gaming creator. Site is helping students. I have kept three games in my cell phone which are developed by them.