Monday, December 27, 2010

Turkey Run is Out to Show How Awesome the Next Sketch Nation is Going to Be!!!

We are working very hard to make our next game creator be even better than Sketch Nation Shooter (apparently it is possible :)). Sketch Nation 2 is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2011 and we promise it will have many more features.

In-app drawing: Now if you don't have a piece of paper and a pen, you will still be able to draw some sweet drawings and create a game. More than that, if you think your art is super awesome and you want the world to know that, you could share your art with other users and vice versa. Non the less, if you can only draw a circle and a triangle (we all have our limitations) and you feel like creating a more sophisticated game, just browse our server for some cool art and create a game from the assets you picked, free of charge!

Genre Diversity and Variety: Some of you were complaining (I won't mention any names) that Sketch Nation Shooter was very genre specific (shooting and avoiding). We decided that SN2 will be in the platforming and jumping genre but the variety and versatility in the game creation will be much bigger. If that is not enough, we promise to add more genres in future updates.

Sell your app: We want to revolutionize the way games are created. In SN2, users will have the option to package their game as a stand-alone app and sell it on the app store for a profit share. Turkey Run is an example of a game created using SN2 and released as an app for sale on the app store. Every game released will automatically include all our social features (leaderboards, news feed, server to download other games).

Social Stuff: Aside from all the above, the social features that made Sketch Nation Shooter a global-social experience will also be in SN2. That means leaderboards, news feed, and a server to download other users' games and check out what your friends are doing. Aside for the Facebook login there will be a Game Center login option as well.

Now.... A little about Turkey Run. We created this game as an example to show you what you could potentially create with our engine. The art is all hand drawn and colored in Photoshop. It is a side running game where you tap to jump, avoid obstacles and tilt the iPhone to move faster or slower.

You can check out our other games by touching the "More Games" box in our games' main menu.

To purchase the game for just 0.99$, and save that poor turkey from the cleaver click here:

Here are some screen shots:


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